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Four cases of fraud have been opened so far and charges have been laid against the salesmen as well as the owners of the companies involved. Watch this space as we update you on the progress the SAPS and the prosecutors make. Willie Rahl was caught for 12 000-00 and his case in the Small Claims Court will be heard on the 25th of June.

The Forensic Investigator

Forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan is assisting Gatvol to help victims build a criminal case. Up until now, it has been difficult for victims to prove fraud and racketeering. The fraud becomes clear when you combine the sales pitch with the contract and the owner's behavior, we have a solid case. 

Share Trading software scam - The full story

The documentary features audio recordings made by victims, and interviews with victims who went through the entire process believing to the end, that they'd be given R 5000-00 to trade with, and would be able to trade on the stock exchange using the software they were sold. It was all a lie.

Training the salesmen.

Gatvol asked the owners of the companies involved for comment. their legal representative's response was NO and

"We know where you live".

As a last resort to help victims we have acquired the services of a forensic investigator.

Watch this space.....

This recording is the entire sales pitch demonstrating the lies the salesmen tell Willie to get him to sign the contract and pay with his credit card. Even though Willie believes that the payments will be deducted monthly the whole R 12 000-00 is taken from his credit card leaving him with no way to reverse the payment

Interview with Willie Rahl

Willie was targeted as he is close to retirement, looking to find a way to make some extra money. He falls for the slick sales pitch and loses R 12 000-00 in the process.

The Consumer Commissioner 

Mr. Ebrahim Mohamed explains the difference between the consumer protection act and the electronic communications act. He says victims need patience to get their money back.

Mpho Ledwaba Head marketing JSE

Mr. Ledwaba explains why you need a broker and the rules around trading on the JSE.

Broekies Van Broekhuizen

Broekies, another carefully selected victim was also cold called and promised R 5000-00 and instant money back if he did not like the software they had given him.

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