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Dear Woolworths / Lindt,

We are hoping you can point us to the correct person to respond to the below story, we will be putting this story to air this weekend and would like to add your comments on the story: Video link -

A heartbroken chocolate lover has contacted us. Dr XXXXXXXXXXX from Knysna sent us photo's and video's from Lindt chocolate he bought at his local Woolworths.

Having eaten a box of your chocolates full of worms, he sent both Lindt and Woolworths the evidence. Dr XXXXXXXXX is very unhappy with how both companies have treated him.

Before we post the video's to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I would appreciate a response to the following questions.

1. How are the chocolates distributed to stores?

2. Is there a quality control process for Woolworths / Lindt to ensure the quality of all products before placing them on shelves?

3. Has the batch been removed from shelves locally and internationally?

4. Have clients been informed of possible contamination of the products?

5. How are you going to do to ensure this does not happen again?
6. What are you doing to keep your chocolate-loving customer?


Thank you very much.

Dear Gatvol,


We are very sorry to hear about Dr XXXXXXXXX experience. We have been in contact with the customer to investigate and resolve the complaint.  


The customer complained about a product which is Best Before 31 July 2020.  As such, this batch will be removed from our store shelves today.




Dear Gatvol,


Thank you for your patience while we gathered more information.


Lindt & Sprüngli has immediately initiated an inspection upon learning about this complaint. Additionally, we had removed and checked the stock at the respective retailer and found no infestations. Finally, also during our routine checks of retained samples, we have not detected any pest infestation.


Infestation can happen if a product is not properly stored or transported. Insects are attracted by the flavour of natural raw materials and can find their way into the packaging even if sealed.


Our premium chocolate products must meet very high quality and safety standards and we take our responsibility of our products reaching the consumer in perfect condition very seriously. Comprehensive and strict quality controls along our entire production chain, from the receipt of raw materials, through monitored processing, to the final product, ensure that infestation does not occur during our production. All our products leave our manufacturing plants in sealed containers and we only supply our customers directly in refrigerated transport vehicles to avoid any insect infestation.


We would like to emphasize that Lindt & Sprüngli wants to give pleasure with its chocolate. We deeply regret if a consumer should have had a negative experience with one of our products. Thus, we have sent the consumer a voucher to make up for this negative experience. As such, it could not have been intended to be a reimbursement for an improper product.


Kind regards,

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