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MD Toys
our investigators are turning their attention to a company marketing products on facebook and then running away with the money once a deposit has been paid....
Watch this space.

Ken found Dante Myburg from MD toys on facebook, liked his product and then placed and order. Dante played the old marketing game of "The special last only until tonight" got Ken to pay him an R 800-00 deposit and then disappeared off of the planet.

We have his banking details and phone numbers.... Lets see where this goes.....

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A little Nudge from Gatvol got

a full payout for Hannes.

Hannes bought travel insurance and was caught overseas at the hight of the COVID lockdown in Europe.

He spent a fortune to get back to South Africa comfortable with the knowledge that he had comprehensive travel insurance.

After submitting his claim the insurance company BRYTE refuted his claim and offered him a pittance of what was owed.

It was only after gatvol got involved that hannes got his full payout

lindt and woolworths pass the buck or

the worm in this case.

Jan bought his favourite Lindt chocolate from Woolworths and settled down in front of the TV to enjoy his sweets when he tasted something strange. Having eaten a few he took the chocolate to the light and was shocked to see LIVE worms peeling out of the nuts.

Gatvol investigated and Jan got his just desert.

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have you paid for a service or product and not got what was promised?

Of all the things that you can do to make the world a better place, few things are more valuable and beneficial than telling your story. Platforms such as this one, right here on Gatvol, blast the doors wide open to affording people, like you and me, this privilege. No one can tell your story better than you can. Chances are, you will help others and yourself in the process.

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