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Willie got his money back....

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Willie's claim was under the 15 000 threshold set by the small claims court, so his first port of call was to approach the court and to lay a complaint. (Here is a link to the process of how the small claims court works.) The big thing to remember is that you can lower the amount you claim from companies to fall within the 15 000-00 limit set by the court. The companies will play all kinds of games with you in an attempt to avoid getting the LETTER OF DEMAND from the court. Make sure you hand the Letter Of Demand (LOD) to the correct person to avoid delays.

The attorneys offered to pay Wille his money back if he got Gatvol to remove the "SCAM" story and drop the case. He dropped the case, and we temporarily removed the sales pitch. He got his money back. But before we cheer remember that he probably lost days worth of time fighting their tricks to avoid the court. It counts in your favour that these companies don't want a day in court.

Messages between Willie and the legal advisor of Voltic College.

Willie says he never put anything on Gatvol. The attorney then offers to pay Willie back immediately if the story is removed from Gatvol, then threatens him with legal action if the story stays.

Willie is also told that he will be charged for a crime if he does not remove the post. Willie responds that the so called refund

is not in his account..

The attorney eventually sends Willie the proof of payment.

Remember the small claims court does not allow legal representation so the owners of these companies will have to appear themselves. The odds are in your favour if you're telling the truth and have been wronged.

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