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Share trading software - Don't Pay!!!

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

This is a story of how hundreds of South Africans are duped every day out of tens of thousands of Rands. It all started with a telemarketer............

Wynand is clearly reading from a script. The company, One Capital, cant be found anywhere on the internet unless you go to Hello Peter and meet other people who have been hurt by this scheme.


The salesman on the phone promises you 5000 cash in a share trading account and the ability to trade directly on the stock exchange without having to use a stock broker, the "middle man" as they call him. The moment you take the bait they make an appointment for you to meet a salesperson.

The Salesman.

Well trained and a heart of stone, is the only way to describe the salespeople who sell this software. In another video from a victim caught a few years back the salesman brags about their training and how he just took the last few rands from a couple while their daughter sat at the table with them.

"hoe dink jy hoe voel dit vir ons, om elke dag daai mense te gaan sien. Ek het nou die dag daar by, ek dink ‘n ou en sy vrou en sy klein dogtertjie ek weet dit is hulle laaste geld, daai mense bloei aan die pat af.

Wat ek nou gemaak het, onthou dit is ook my brood en botter ek weet dit."

It boggles the mind these people wake up in the morning with the goal of taking peoples money with a lie and a smile on their faces.

The salesman continues to spill the beans stating that the only way to get rid of the people he works for is to close your bank account. They will keep on putting a stop order through just changing the amounts using NAEDO to hide the theft.

"Ag, cheque of spaar, maak daai rekening toe, en maak a nuwe een oop. Want jy gaan dit nie nou sien nie, maar in ‘n paar maande gaan hy weer af. Dit gaan net nie op tel nie, dit gaan eers R32, R50, R20 weer, R10, R250, R325, dis hoekom jy nie die bedra agter kom nie. Maar wat daai klien bedra mal 100 000 mense. Dis hoekom Christo Oosthuizen 32 Miljoen ‘n jaar maak. Dis hoekom hy a leer jet het. Ons is gatvol, want ons maak hom eintlik huidiglik ander mense ruik. Hierdie is ‘n moerse scam".

Most consumers are caught out by the sales pitch and don't read the contract. The contract makes it clear that you are buying "SIMULATION" software and the 5000 they promise you is "SIMULATION" money.

If you want to return the product don't open the box, if the salesman has opened the box make a note of the fact on the contract and ask him to sign next to the note. Don't let anyone install anything on your computer. The company uses 42(2)(g) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act that exempts opened software from the return policy of the consumer protection act. I spoke to the consumer commissioner.

Mr. Mohamed also explains how to react when you think you have been scammed. YOU MUST INVESTIGATE.

The only way you can get any help without it costing you money is to write to the consumer commissioner and send him as much information as you can. Ask the salesman for his ID, make a copy, write down his cars registration number then last of all test the mobile number he gives you to make sure it is in fact his real number.


I asked Mr. Mpho Ledwaba Head marketing JSE limited how the JSE is helping potential investors to learn to trade.

The salesman who came to see me convinced me that the software he was selling would allow me to trade on the stock exchange without having to use a stock broker. It turns out that everything you need to learn about the stock exchange is readily available for free on the JSE's website.

Mr. Mpho Ledwaba Head marketing JSE limited

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